About Samantha Lewis


Hi, my name is Samantha Lewis and my passion for helping people lead me to become a licensed massage therapist in 2005 and have extensive continuing education after my launch. I am passionate and committed to applying my knowledge and many techniques to bring relief to people who suffer from chronic pain, stress, depression or trauma. I know every “body” is different therefor each treatment is customized to you.

I graduated massage school (Ashmead College) with honors. I was the only one that graduated with a 4.0. I am a huge foodie and love to cook. I'm always trying to feed everyone and I love writing poetry.

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The Stress Free Zone

Journey to Discovery

Let's take a journey
To see what we can find
What's going on in your body
And see if we can free the mind
Accidents and injuries
Are a thing of the past
Broken bones and bruises
Are pain that won't last
I can't promise it'll be easy
Or that it'll happen over night
It may be a tough journey
But together we can fight
Because I see your potential
Of who you can truly be
I won't give up on you
If you put your trust in me
With a release from the chest
You can breathe once more
Take away the pain in your legs
And your feet can hit the floor
Walking away tall
With long flowing strides
To take a look in the mirror
With your head held high
I hope to see a smile
From the person looking back at you
With the knowledge of knowing
The possibilities you can do
Just imagine the outcome
Of how it could be If you took a chance
On a journey to discovery